Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yep. Anything YOU feel like saying? Heres the place for it. Civilians welcome!!


  1. Open lines are the best idea coming out of blogging technology. Good one. Thanks AngryCrabber.

    My rant and rave topic is the CDQs, the Community Development Quotas stemming from the Bering Sea Factory Trawler Pollock Fishery. Thanks to Ted Stevens and Don Young in the late 80's and early 90's and as recent as 2006, before the public knew about all the secret decisions being dished out from the Big Corporate players in the Bering Sea.

    The game is known and now the poor people are crying for their SALMON up and down the Yukon River and along the Western Alaska Coast to Nome and beyond. The lack of transparency and accountability made it great for a handful of greedy men. They shoved the poor people to the side and decided to line their own pockets quick before the illiterate and ignorant figured out that they were part of the game.

    From what I see and know, we're dealing with people who think lieing is normal, bribing is normal, cheating is normal, changing the rules to lock honest people out is normal, blackballing and defaming honest people is normal, paying themselves bookoo bucks without credentials is normal, bullying the little dumb guy from the village is normal, excluding the little dumb guys from the villages is normal and I could go on and on and on. Crooks, the lot of them, riding high on the People's Money. The Tidal Wave is coming in 2012. It'll be time to clean out the CRAP and bring the CDQs back to the people.

  2. Boy aint that the truth. I'm from a cdq community and little has been done and I mean LITTLE! The CDQ group instead has gotten top heavy with over paid executives, this money needs to be spent in the communities not fattening their bank accounts! I've read all reports from the cdq groups and how they tout their spending in the communities....lies all of it, very little goes to infrastructure and scholarships much less development. CDQ needs to be dismantled, it had good intentions from the beggining but now they have no oversight, none, this makes them unaccountable for their actions. We need more blog sites like this to expose them and their crooked ways. Go to any CDQ community and take a talley, you'll be surprised at the amount of discontent towards their cdq group, it's failed! keep up the good work!


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