Thursday, January 21, 2010


Unless You prefer to disemble My vernacular dispentations onto electromagnetic recordings in reverse chronalogical order... HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT!

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Odd, my computer hasn't given Me any problems since My conversation with bobby thortenson a couple of years ago (more on that later). I had quite a Battle trying to post it, maybe this will Help;


Hello! I had a nice afternoon at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium today, met some nice, smart people. And arne thompson was even there. GOD BLESS arne. I think he needs it. That guy looks sick and has a runny nose every time I see him. I like arne,.. but I get the feeling he doesn't care for me. In fact, he looked like he deficated in his trousers when he saw me. You remember arne, Secretary for the Crab Committee to/for NPFMC. The people who control access to YOUR COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS. The people who GAVE 50 % of YOUR COMMON PROPERTY to foriegn corporations, AND themselves. Thats RIGHT, half the Voting Seats are held by big corprate self serving foxes by-catching the Fish house. The people who took AWAY YOUR chance of ever having the thrill of being a CRABBER, or FEEDING YOUR FAMILY. Yep, those people.The people who GAVE AWAY YOUR FUTURE FISH RIGHTS to foriegn corporations, AND themselves. Forever? NOPE. Thanks to Magnusens GOOD WORKS we can TAKE OUR FISH RIGHTS BACK on any given day. That DAY IS COMING. That day People will see the Light, Shining on corporate proccessor lawbeasts who sat as council president. That Bright Light will shine on corporate dragger fleet owners who still sit on council (he does have a nice haircut though,... smiling,... soothing voice,... Your getting sleepy,... very sleepy,...). I PRAY that DAY COMES QUICKLY. The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GETTING HUNGRY!! Oh yeah, I learned draggers want to reinstall rollergear/rockhopping pre-footlines, more on that later. I have stacks of info. to digest, and will GIVE YOU a FULL SCIENCE REPORT soon, unlike the bought and paid for pscience some corps. has fed the PUBLIC. Lots of BRILLIANT PEOPLE there today. And arne. -PEACE-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Takes me too long to post this correctly so here you go: Bear in mind this is ONLY a Partial list, and will be expanded. If you feel like a Fish Head, please list sites you would like to see here. -PEACE-


I was a young, green, kid that record-breaking cold winter. I had 2 Salmon seasons under my belt. A previous adventure sailing a Cal 28 from Seattle to Skagway had put a taste for saltwater in my mouth that I crave to this day. We were off the East side of Kodiak Island, hunting for Tanner Crab to feed the world. The weather was nasty,... and getting worse fast. It was my job to land the front half of the 800 Lb. crab pots as they came swinging and spinning over the rail. We were "On the Crab" and pulling about 500 Lbs. of Tanners/Baridi out of each pot, which was good for that time and area. We were running broadside to the waves and weather as the approx. 1300 Lb. crab pot came over the rail, .. and the rogue wave hit the stern, twisting the boat in a fast and violent way. The spinning pot came right at me,.. I had ahold of the corner of the big box of death, but my 180 Lbs. was no match for the thousand of Lbs. of energy about to be released all over me. Now when I take a job to wrestle crab pots, I wrestle crab pots. To let go of the box of death would only release it to destroy and kill anything and everything in its path... So I held on,.. for my very Life,.. and the Lives of my fellow man. The pot hit me sqaure in the the chest without slowing at all,.. the green water rushing over the deck slammed a sorting tote into the back of my knees, shoving me under the crab pot which continued bulldozing me to the far rail. I don't know if you have ever faced the gut-wrenching nightmare of being under a flying crab pot, but I don't recommend it, and I hope you never see what I saw under there, .. looking up... It IS the Face of DEATH... And it greedily awaits ALL of us... So as the pot and I ricochated off the back rail, with Big Mike (Superhero) dragging Faithfully from the rear corner, we rapidly careened back towards the Blockman,... If You can imagine a pendulum swinging over a flat deck (relatively speaking) you will realize that the pendulum (1500 Lb. box of death and I) reaches closer to the deck than the rails, as it swings wildly back and forth. This makes an interesting problem of how to lower and land the pot,.. with me under it. I thank GOD we had Donny (Superhero) the Excellant Hydroman running the controls. SuperDonny would raise the pot to keep it from crushing me in the center of the deck, and lower it as we aproached the rails to keep us from going over the rail. One might wonder, "Why not just let go of the pot?" as I explained earlier, when you have Death in your grip, you DO NOT set it free to do as it likes. The Blockman dove into the corner between the pot launcher and the starboard rail, with a Loud CRASH! we (the pot and I) smashed into the launcher, only to begin our free fall downward towards the portside,.. which was submerged under white water! Blockman grabbed franticly and latched onto the corner of the pot nearest him. As I lay helplessly in the tote full of crab, Fused onto a Big Box of DEATH... I looked desperately to the Hydroman,.. my Life in His hands. I had to have been a pitiful sight,.. a teenage kid about to Die,.. Slaming rail to rail, awash in white water. To my Surprise, He held the same expression on his face that I had been looking at for days on end now, a Serious look of Concern and Commitment to DO THE RIGHT THING!!... OR SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE!! So my wild ride pinballing rail to rail, slowed and stopped after about 5 deck crossings. I rolled out of the tote and scrambled out from under the crab pot with a Smile,... Thankful to be ALIVE!!... and got back to work. I learned ALOT in those moments, I learned LIFE is Preferable to Death, regardless of how miserable or hard LIFE may be at this Moment... At ANY MOMENT... Life is full of Hills and Valleys,.. The Hills are Steep and Dangerous,... and the Valleys are Sweet and Comfortable,.. a Prime Time to gear up for the next Hill... Life also bears a Distinct Resembelance to a box of chocolates.... As I scrubbed the Herring oil out of the bait jars in the snow and wind, and the full-share guys were having a nice warm lunch at King's Diner, I knew I had found the Life for Me. Never had I learned so quickly, so precisely, about Life. I knew I HAD TO HAVE MORE!! What had I learned, YOU might ask?? I learned WE MUST DO THE RIGHT THING,... or Reap the Consequences... PEACE. CRABLEWI


Here's the list of last years Death and Destruction, bear in mind this is only the REPORTED WASTE!! Not accounting for the Sea Lions, Birds, Corals, Seagrass Beds, and Diversity of Habitat being DESTROYED as WE SPEAK!! This By-Catch Tally also IGNORES the Crab, Scallop, and Bottom Dwellers CRUSHED by draggers footropes Ripping and Plowing the Bottom. Neither does it ACCOUNT for the 70 % of tows that go UNREPORTED!! Nor does it list the TONS of King, Hair, Spider, Tanner and Opie Crab or TONS of Herring DUMPED UNREPORTED at sea directly off the stern, while the Observers are below deck, thinking everything is peachy-clean. Nor does it calculate the Whales caught, as I have heard stories of draggers being towed backwards. So Prepare YOUrselves for some DIRTY FACTS, at; Take the # of Lbs. WASTED X PRICE to find How MANY AMERICAN DOLLARS were Thrown Overboard last year, Permanatley Removed from OUR Pockets, Communities, ECONOMY, and TAX BASE!... Remember, these ARE YOUR DOLLARS, YOUR FISH, YOUR CRAB!! YOUR COMMON PROPERTY, and YOU HAVE the RIGHT TO THEM!! Only carpetbagging politicians, lawbeasts, and drag fleet OWNing Council members PREVENT YOU from HARVESTING what YOU OWN!! And YOUR RIGHT TO SELL IT FOR A FAIR PRICE!! More WASTE numbers coming,... UNFORTUNE ately.... L8R, -CRABLEWI-

Monday, January 18, 2010


Corporations do not generally let Human or Enviromental issues dictate their buisness plans. This is why Thomas Jefferson stated; " I hope we shall Crush in its birth, the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strenth, and bid defiance to the laws of OUR Country. " I also too agree with this statement by 1 our many founding Fathers. Fish On!! Catch Em!! Kill em!! Grill Em!!

NUMBER$,... GAME$,... and FAXX.

Hello, todays lesson is about Bad Math, and the detrimental effects thereof. Let me start with the statement " Figures don't Lie, but Liars sure can figure!! " Next I give you some numbers and "Opinions" I have collected over the last couple years. First we have bobby thortenson, former president of UFA, he has been the highest paid fisheries Lawbeast for a few years now, and is personally responsible for his share in collapsing OUR AMERICAN Fisheries. He also prefers giving OUR COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS to foriegn corporations. These corporations are listed as Gold Member status at the Top of UFAs web site, which has us poor, dirty, Common Fisherman at the Bottom of the list. I don't have his personal #s, but the F.B.I. has raided his office and seized anywhere fron 2 to 16 boxes of office files regarding his kickbacks to ted and ben stevens, trevor mccabe, icicles VIOLATIONS of LAW, and his hand in ILEGAL Crab Ratz earmarks. Next up, a collection of various #'s in no particular order. In '06 the trawl industry captured, killed, and relased over 2000 tons of Halibut, thats approx. 4,000,000 Lbs. of AMERICAN FOOD GONE FOREVER!!... Hmmm,... as I go through my notes I realise I am not quite prepared to give a full and acurate accounting of the reported By-catch numbers. As are many Mathemagicions (yep, spelt like that on purpose), becouse of the missing, unaccounted for kills of Marine Life that went UNOBSERVED, and UNRECORDED. And dumped at Sea while the Observers are ordered off deck by the skippers so they can continue their destruction. I will gather and prepare my numeral confabulations for your veiwing displeasure in the near future, for now I refer You to and as it appears They can count much better than me. I have been distrustful of math after realizing this problem; 3 ladies rent a hotel room, the clerk tells them "That will be 30 dollars, ladies." So they chip in 10 dollars each. Later the manager tells the clerk that that room is only 25 dollars. So he goes to the ladies to return their 5 dollars change. The ladies are pleased but undecided as how to split the 5 dollars. So they give the clerk a 2 dollar tip, and keep 1 dollar each. After awile the clerk realizes; the room cost the ladies 9 $ each, X 3 ladies equals = 27 dollars + a 2 dollar tip = 29 $!!... Where did the extra dollar go??... I have been informed that I am doing the formula incorrectly, but shouldn't the formulas be able to cross-reference each other, in either direction, and still be pure and exact?? This problem repeats itself every 10th digit, 100th digit, 1000th,... into infinity. I look forward to an answer other than "wrong formula" to this riddle, and to the Real Mathimaticians,... would a numeric system based on 7, repeat 17, 170, etc. have this flaw?? Quantum Physics anyone??... Boggles my mind, as much as "Sustainable" dragging!! FISH ON!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to A.C.C.!!!

Hello! I am an angry crabber! Angry not becouse I'm a butthole, but angry becouse over 1000 good paying, American crab jobs have been stolen in the name of greed! Against standing Law! Without Due Proccess! The few deckhands remaining are risking their lives for 70% LESS than the Standard Pay Rate WE EARNED during OUR Active-Participant History!! CRABBERS ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!! Ted Stevens forced Crab Ratz through a faulty earmark proccess, instead of the LAWFULLY Required proccess, in return for political donations, and kickbacks to his crooked son Ben Stevens. Ben is a KNOWN CRAB THEIF ever since he was caught red-handed at Ursens proccessor in Kodiak. During his failed attempt at being a real crabber he delivered a load of crab, off-loaded 1 fish hold, and was to wait until morning to deliver the 2nd. In the dark of night Mr. Ursen CAUGHT HIM STEALING delivered crab and putting them back in his unloaded crab tank, to be SOLD AGAIN!! He was delivered to the Kodiak police, but Daddy cleaned his mess up and esponged the records. Unethical politicians frustrate me. Their untouchability and slipperyness angers me, but after deep soul-seardhing I feel it is JUSTIFIED ANGER. I do not recommend violence or revolution. I do recommend active participation in Due Procces, and Freedom of Speech to hold unlawfull and unethical politicians accountable. Actually, I do support revolution up to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council level. Why have owners of dragger fleets and proccessors, sitting as council members, been allowed to vote to put Americans Common Property Rights into their corporations possesion forever?? This frustrates and angers me, it has the appearance of Conflict of Intrest, and self-serving unethical behavior. Why do Japan and Norway OWN 50% of the American fisheries in the N. Pacific?? What is SUSTAINABLE about dragging?? Why are corporations that unlawfully proccess millions of Lbs. of crab OVER their LEGAL Limits issued buisness licences, while New Entrants are DENIED?? Why are the PEOPLES Access to THEIR Halibut being limited when draggers are allowed to WASTE millions of Lbs. of the PEOPLES Halibut??? Frustrated? Angry? Speak Up! I'm speaking my "opinion" and am eagerly awaiting yours. If you want to remain anonomous to keep your job I recommend posting as angry crabber #2, #3,4,5 etc. to show OUR strengh in numbers. This blog is a place to vent our ANGER, FRUSTRAIONS, and tell OUR stories.