Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to A.C.C.!!!

Hello! I am an angry crabber! Angry not becouse I'm a butthole, but angry becouse over 1000 good paying, American crab jobs have been stolen in the name of greed! Against standing Law! Without Due Proccess! The few deckhands remaining are risking their lives for 70% LESS than the Standard Pay Rate WE EARNED during OUR Active-Participant History!! CRABBERS ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!! Ted Stevens forced Crab Ratz through a faulty earmark proccess, instead of the LAWFULLY Required proccess, in return for political donations, and kickbacks to his crooked son Ben Stevens. Ben is a KNOWN CRAB THEIF ever since he was caught red-handed at Ursens proccessor in Kodiak. During his failed attempt at being a real crabber he delivered a load of crab, off-loaded 1 fish hold, and was to wait until morning to deliver the 2nd. In the dark of night Mr. Ursen CAUGHT HIM STEALING delivered crab and putting them back in his unloaded crab tank, to be SOLD AGAIN!! He was delivered to the Kodiak police, but Daddy cleaned his mess up and esponged the records. Unethical politicians frustrate me. Their untouchability and slipperyness angers me, but after deep soul-seardhing I feel it is JUSTIFIED ANGER. I do not recommend violence or revolution. I do recommend active participation in Due Procces, and Freedom of Speech to hold unlawfull and unethical politicians accountable. Actually, I do support revolution up to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council level. Why have owners of dragger fleets and proccessors, sitting as council members, been allowed to vote to put Americans Common Property Rights into their corporations possesion forever?? This frustrates and angers me, it has the appearance of Conflict of Intrest, and self-serving unethical behavior. Why do Japan and Norway OWN 50% of the American fisheries in the N. Pacific?? What is SUSTAINABLE about dragging?? Why are corporations that unlawfully proccess millions of Lbs. of crab OVER their LEGAL Limits issued buisness licences, while New Entrants are DENIED?? Why are the PEOPLES Access to THEIR Halibut being limited when draggers are allowed to WASTE millions of Lbs. of the PEOPLES Halibut??? Frustrated? Angry? Speak Up! I'm speaking my "opinion" and am eagerly awaiting yours. If you want to remain anonomous to keep your job I recommend posting as angry crabber #2, #3,4,5 etc. to show OUR strengh in numbers. This blog is a place to vent our ANGER, FRUSTRAIONS, and tell OUR stories.


  1. Check out and for more frustration and anger!

  2. Anybody want this #1 status? It's making my neck sore from holding that heavy thought in my head. I'll go by something else as soon as I figure out how. I'm sure there are many more deserving. Have at it, first come first served. Unlike OUR ACTIVE-PARTICIPANT STATUS concerning Crewmembers Rights during the Crab Ratz GIVEAWAY!!.... Catch Em!!... Kill Em!!

  3. Advise install to tell you when, where, how many, and how long readers are viewing the site. Free and easy to use.

    Keep yer flippers wet.

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere Angry Crabber!

    Thanks for the nice comments on The Mudflats.

    Looking forward to reading stories!

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere AC #1!

    Since you know crab ratz, does this look like another go at the same thing in another fishery?

    The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Bills, Resolutions > Search Results

    Items 1 through 2 of 2

    1. [111st] H.R.3910 : To authorize a single fisheries cooperative for the Bering Sea Aleutian Islands longline catcher processor subsector, and for other purposes.
    Sponsor: Rep Larsen, Rick [WA-2] (introduced 10/22/2009) Cosponsors (3)
    Committees: House Natural Resources
    Latest Major Action: 10/26/2009 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife.


    2. [111st] S.1609 : A bill to authorize a single fisheries cooperative for the Bering Sea Aleutian Islands longline catcher processor subsector, and for other purposes.
    Sponsor: Sen Cantwell, Maria [WA] (introduced 8/6/2009) Cosponsors (3)
    Committees: Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation
    Latest Major Action: 12/17/2009 Senate committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.

  6. Horrible theivery of the AMERICAN PUBLICS COMMON PROPERTY!!Again!.. F@#&*r$! Not surprised in the least though. Human Nature. Take, gain, and stockpile. Sell as neccassary to aquire power. Same old story. I'll research this further and give an in depth report. Thank You, AlaskaPi, for bringing this to my attention. L8R

  7. THANK YOU, YOUR WORDS have given ME PEACE,.. GO WELL and GO SAFE, AS WEll NeIghbor. -PEACE-


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