Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here's the list of last years Death and Destruction, bear in mind this is only the REPORTED WASTE!! Not accounting for the Sea Lions, Birds, Corals, Seagrass Beds, and Diversity of Habitat being DESTROYED as WE SPEAK!! This By-Catch Tally also IGNORES the Crab, Scallop, and Bottom Dwellers CRUSHED by draggers footropes Ripping and Plowing the Bottom. Neither does it ACCOUNT for the 70 % of tows that go UNREPORTED!! Nor does it list the TONS of King, Hair, Spider, Tanner and Opie Crab or TONS of Herring DUMPED UNREPORTED at sea directly off the stern, while the Observers are below deck, thinking everything is peachy-clean. Nor does it calculate the Whales caught, as I have heard stories of draggers being towed backwards. So Prepare YOUrselves for some DIRTY FACTS, at; http://www.fakr.noaa.gov/2009/car120_bsai_with_cdq.pdf Take the # of Lbs. WASTED X PRICE to find How MANY AMERICAN DOLLARS were Thrown Overboard last year, Permanatley Removed from OUR Pockets, Communities, ECONOMY, and TAX BASE!... Remember, these ARE YOUR DOLLARS, YOUR FISH, YOUR CRAB!! YOUR COMMON PROPERTY, and YOU HAVE the RIGHT TO THEM!! Only carpetbagging politicians, lawbeasts, and drag fleet OWNing Council members PREVENT YOU from HARVESTING what YOU OWN!! And YOUR RIGHT TO SELL IT FOR A FAIR PRICE!! More WASTE numbers coming,... UNFORTUNE ately.... L8R, -CRABLEWI-

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