Thursday, January 21, 2010


Unless You prefer to disemble My vernacular dispentations onto electromagnetic recordings in reverse chronalogical order... HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT!


  1. Electromagnetic recording May also be defined as realignment of Base ELECTron Orbits, the same WAY that Cameras/Eyeballs capture a peice of LIGHT/TIME on Solid Matters. Thats how YOUR Brain imprints visual memories onto Biomatter (Brain cells). This Statement is NOW Recorded onto YOUR biomatter. Sound/WORDS also Re-align ELECTron ORbits and are stored (an object in motion stays in motion/orbit until acted upon by an OUTside FORCE, and the Dominate Force sets alignment) onto matter. If YOU have somebody read this to You, Sonic Kinetic Dominance (can YOU HEAR Me Now?) turned to Electron Flow to Brain Biomatter RE-cords/RE-aligns Base Valance Shell Orbits. Physics PROfessors say this IS TESTED/PROVEN by the GRYO or YOUR bicycle/MOTORCYCLE wheels, the Moons ORbit around Earth, and Your cassette tape recorder. This is the Theory of RELATIVITY and PROVEN by the formula E=MC squared (only called theory becouse it has not been tested on all matter in the universe). Those in the East showed this as the Yin/Yang (not the Brothers) visual image (record). Sonic Force CAN Dominate SOME matters Electromagnetic Flux Alignment and Frequency of Electron CONductivity (Seine waves measured in MEGAHURTZ), as PROVEN by YOUR/MY Microphones and WORDS captured by OUR ears. LOOK OUT!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??!! -PEACE-

  2. Heh, heh. Thought surely someody would call me crazy by now. I would have replied by showing them the Power of Sound at; Remove BLINDers as nessaccary. Welcome to YOUR NEW REALITY! Have a nice day!

  3. Sorry, Huffington has 2 f's, try;


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