Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello! I had a nice afternoon at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium today, met some nice, smart people. And arne thompson was even there. GOD BLESS arne. I think he needs it. That guy looks sick and has a runny nose every time I see him. I like arne,.. but I get the feeling he doesn't care for me. In fact, he looked like he deficated in his trousers when he saw me. You remember arne, Secretary for the Crab Committee to/for NPFMC. The people who control access to YOUR COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS. The people who GAVE 50 % of YOUR COMMON PROPERTY to foriegn corporations, AND themselves. Thats RIGHT, half the Voting Seats are held by big corprate self serving foxes by-catching the Fish house. The people who took AWAY YOUR chance of ever having the thrill of being a CRABBER, or FEEDING YOUR FAMILY. Yep, those people.The people who GAVE AWAY YOUR FUTURE FISH RIGHTS to foriegn corporations, AND themselves. Forever? NOPE. Thanks to Magnusens GOOD WORKS we can TAKE OUR FISH RIGHTS BACK on any given day. That DAY IS COMING. That day People will see the Light, Shining on corporate proccessor lawbeasts who sat as council president. That Bright Light will shine on corporate dragger fleet owners who still sit on council (he does have a nice haircut though,... smiling,... soothing voice,... Your getting sleepy,... very sleepy,...). I PRAY that DAY COMES QUICKLY. The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GETTING HUNGRY!! Oh yeah, I learned draggers want to reinstall rollergear/rockhopping pre-footlines, more on that later. I have stacks of info. to digest, and will GIVE YOU a FULL SCIENCE REPORT soon, unlike the bought and paid for pscience some corps. has fed the PUBLIC. Lots of BRILLIANT PEOPLE there today. And arne. -PEACE-

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