Monday, January 18, 2010

NUMBER$,... GAME$,... and FAXX.

Hello, todays lesson is about Bad Math, and the detrimental effects thereof. Let me start with the statement " Figures don't Lie, but Liars sure can figure!! " Next I give you some numbers and "Opinions" I have collected over the last couple years. First we have bobby thortenson, former president of UFA, he has been the highest paid fisheries Lawbeast for a few years now, and is personally responsible for his share in collapsing OUR AMERICAN Fisheries. He also prefers giving OUR COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS to foriegn corporations. These corporations are listed as Gold Member status at the Top of UFAs web site, which has us poor, dirty, Common Fisherman at the Bottom of the list. I don't have his personal #s, but the F.B.I. has raided his office and seized anywhere fron 2 to 16 boxes of office files regarding his kickbacks to ted and ben stevens, trevor mccabe, icicles VIOLATIONS of LAW, and his hand in ILEGAL Crab Ratz earmarks. Next up, a collection of various #'s in no particular order. In '06 the trawl industry captured, killed, and relased over 2000 tons of Halibut, thats approx. 4,000,000 Lbs. of AMERICAN FOOD GONE FOREVER!!... Hmmm,... as I go through my notes I realise I am not quite prepared to give a full and acurate accounting of the reported By-catch numbers. As are many Mathemagicions (yep, spelt like that on purpose), becouse of the missing, unaccounted for kills of Marine Life that went UNOBSERVED, and UNRECORDED. And dumped at Sea while the Observers are ordered off deck by the skippers so they can continue their destruction. I will gather and prepare my numeral confabulations for your veiwing displeasure in the near future, for now I refer You to and as it appears They can count much better than me. I have been distrustful of math after realizing this problem; 3 ladies rent a hotel room, the clerk tells them "That will be 30 dollars, ladies." So they chip in 10 dollars each. Later the manager tells the clerk that that room is only 25 dollars. So he goes to the ladies to return their 5 dollars change. The ladies are pleased but undecided as how to split the 5 dollars. So they give the clerk a 2 dollar tip, and keep 1 dollar each. After awile the clerk realizes; the room cost the ladies 9 $ each, X 3 ladies equals = 27 dollars + a 2 dollar tip = 29 $!!... Where did the extra dollar go??... I have been informed that I am doing the formula incorrectly, but shouldn't the formulas be able to cross-reference each other, in either direction, and still be pure and exact?? This problem repeats itself every 10th digit, 100th digit, 1000th,... into infinity. I look forward to an answer other than "wrong formula" to this riddle, and to the Real Mathimaticians,... would a numeric system based on 7, repeat 17, 170, etc. have this flaw?? Quantum Physics anyone??... Boggles my mind, as much as "Sustainable" dragging!! FISH ON!!!

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  1. TRI QUANTum, yep. ^+>tri,quad with the 7th POWER FACTor,.. & <-reverse of, MAY/WILL BE QUAD,TRY digit FACTors of the 7th POWER,... PHOTOn/time/TommoroW is thought to RACE at U at 186,000 Miles Per Second. Which is PROVEN faulty, regarding the FEILD DRAG/attraction COMEponent FACToids. You May need to cunsult Hollander concerning this. WE SHOULD HAVE COntinued with the ORBITAL equation formulas GIVEN WAAAAAAYYYY Back When,.... WOULD HAVE PHOTON Drive Motors a Looooonnnngggg tIIIIIIIIMMMMME ago. And E=MC squared would be understood at KINdergarten LEVELS. Anyways, chew on that, what does IT taste like? I DOn't have enough TIME, fingers, toes, or PAYchennts to BREAK IT down. Gotta RUN!!! ENJOY!!L8r


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